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When you love where you live, your home becomes your personal sanctuary. A place where you can feel safe, happy, productive, and comfortable.

Your home should reflect you and your family’s lifestyle as well as your individual personalities and needs. This could be the need for additional space, improving home efficiency, the quality of your living environment or an enhanced aesthetic appeal.


Building strong relationships with our clients by ensuring they receive a safe, easy, clean, low stress construction experience is the highest priority and the foundation of Sleek Constructions Values. As always, we strive to achieve excellence, quality and an end result that meets or exceeds expectations.

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Send us a quote or give us a call/text any of ways, we respond within 24h and arrange a meeting. Together we will figure out what you want from your new home/barn/project.

No Commitments


At this stage there is nothing you have to do, only sit back and relax while we handle everything. We do not guarantee smooth road but we’ll manage all bumps on our way in professional manner and complete the job as promised down to timeline.


After first stage is done we’ll translate all our thoughts into several versions of 3D designs for you to make finale decision.


Now you can enjoy your new home, where you were only dreaming to live in. You won’t be disappointed in any kind.


Once particular design and general materials have been chosen, we would take into account the level of your investments and timelines to come to suitable budget.


After our Contract is fulfilled, you are under 1 year warranty and have all rights to call us 24/7 for any kind of questions or recommendations.

Even after we can promise you two generation of calm satisfactory living

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"In reference to our cabin, we are very pleased with the final product! It was not just a construction project- it was a creative activity. of the features in our completed cabin were his ideas and we are more than happy with the results. Not only did he put in long hours to finish a huge project he did so under less than ideal conditions J&I." - Homeowners of Gallery 1
"We are really pleased Chad and we thank you very much and want you to know that we appreciate all of your efforts. We really enjoy being out there." - Homeowners of Gallery 2